How to enjoy Halloween by yourself (without needing a party!)


By Faria Ahmed

The most annoying thing I realized after moving to Canada is that Halloween (or the day after it) is not a public holiday. Imagine my disappointment at that information, when I had grown up watching western pop culture highlighting the endless parties and fun activities on halloween night. As a young working adult and someone who often has either work or classes the next morning, I’m forced to stay home on October 31st. Having said that, I have decided not to let this tiny thing get in the way of me having a great time by myself, celebrating this spooky day.  

I realized I can actually still do some of the best and most exciting things I associate with Halloween. Here are a few things that you can try doing too, if you are stuck at home celebrating Halloween by yourself as a mature adult:

  • Pumpkin Carving: I usually pick up a carving pumpkin a day or two before Halloween from the grocery store. All you need are some carving tools (or use kitchen tools if you don’t own them) and you can spend a nice and relaxed evening setting up your pumpkin lantern! Use can use tea light candles or safer battery-operated tea lights and enjoy some time to yourself while letting your artistic juices flow! 
  • Candy Bucket: You might feel too old to go trick-or-treating, and I know I definitely feel too young to be living the suburban dream and giving out candy to kids in the neighbourhood. In that case, you are in the perfect age group to go to the store, buy a ton of candy, and enjoy eating them by yourself all night long while you watch some spooky movies on tv!
  • Horror Movies: That brings me to my favourite part of being at home on a Halloween night: The movies! The night is all your to pick and choose from old classic horrors on DVD to the latest thriller shows on netflix and amazon. I get extremely scared when I watch scary movies by myself at night, to the point that I’m scared to go pee in the bathroom and hold it in for hours. But oh well. It is a necessary sacrifice for the adrenaline rush and enjoyment that comes from these shows. 
  • Scare Children: This is a mean one and I’ve almost never done it, haha, but you can actually dress up as a creepy person and scare kids from your neighbourhood whenever they pass your door and try to steal their candy. Um, maybe this was a bad one. 
  • Make your own cave: Just because you don’t have a huge party, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home -inside and out- for yourself! Every year, I go shopping throughout October and make my purchases right after October 31st when the great stuff go on sale! Over time, I have built up a nice collection of seasonal decor and that includes Halloween cobwebs, grave headstones,skeletons and so much more. I enjoy putting them up around my apartment and enjoying my time with maybe one or two friends as we sit down to relish the endless supply of candy and horror movies. 

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