5 Netflix Horror Movies to Binge-Watch This Halloween


By Faria Ahmed

As a big fan of horrors and thrillers, I have pretty much watched them all. The only type of movie I try to avoid in this category are the gorey splatter/slasher movies (let’s face it they are kind of nasty). Needless to say, I’m a pretty big fan of Halloween and begin my celebration from the very first week of October! I enjoy dipping my hands into my bucket of candy and binge-watching horror movies on netflix every weekend of October leading up to the 31st. This year, I’ve particularly enjoyed the following titles from netflix that you need to check out as well and they are perfect entertainment for Halloween night. 

  1. ELI: So Eli was released in 2019 so it’s a very new movie. As with all movies, I try not to look at reviews or ratings beforehand, so I can have an open mind going in. I did the same for ELI, and I actually quite enjoyed it. Without giving any spoilers, I would like to say that the first half of the movie has almost no relationship or hint of what the second half will be about. The second half could indeed have gone a very different way. Nonetheless, if you enjoy twisted and unexpected storylines and gradually building suspense, this movie is worth your time. Afterwards, I noticed it has pretty bad ratings on rotten tomatoes but it had all the elements I typically enjoy in a horror movie-innocent child, scary house, creepy doctor, and lots of symbolism.
  2. In The Tall Grass: If you think plain old lawn grass could not become creepy and deadly…you were wrong. Stephen King and Joe Hill are able to turn any simple story into a scary, mind-wobbling journey of personal growth, exposing the darkness and the light within human beings. Apart from a tiny bit of satan-worship and cannibalism, the rest of the story is quite interesting and full of symbolism and raw human instincts of good and evil. The multiple timelines that seem to be overlapping and in a loop in this tall grass area makes the story confusing but amusing at the same time. If you are in the right headspace for timeline manipulated Stephen King storylines, this is quite a slow-paced but fun watch.  
  3. Hush: I think the next three movies are definitely ones that use one specific sense or function of the human body to make the storyline extremely real and intense. The first one is hush, where a deaf writer is found living in the woods, working on her book, and fighting for her life against a masked murderer. Living in the middle of nowhere with enormous glass windows and doors doesn’t help. I absolutely love the strong and single woman taking on the world plotline anytime and when the woman has an auditory disability, it only makes her more badass. This is a must-watch for me any year, but again it is a slow paced movie which needs to be followed to great attention. 
  4. Birdbox: As if I didn’t love Sandra Bullock enough before, now she had gone ahead and made a film in my favourite genre. Birdbox plays on the visual senses, in that, when you ‘see’ this evil force you go insane and eventually kill yourself. Amazing direction, acting and human challenges of trying to find love and family in this mess makes this a brilliant film. Pretty much anyone who wants to survive needs to remain blindfolded whenever they are out and about, which makes us really appreciate our gifted health and visual abilities so much more. The gradual character and story development is top-notch in this sci-fi thriller/horror. 
  5. A Quiet Place: John Krasinski from The Office takes up a serious role and kills it in this horror movie where everyone must remain quiet to survive. The first ten minutes of the movie is absolutely heartbreaking and really sets the tone for the rest of it. Without giving out spoilers, all I can say is this is an absolute must watch for those who enjoy steady story building and can handle being on edge for prolonged periods of the movie…while you watch them attempt to lead a normal life while expecting things to go wrong at any moment!

Those are the 5 Must Watch Horror/Thrillers that I recommend for this Halloween! Hope you enjoy them and don’t forget to leave us a comment about which one you liked the most. 

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