Pumpkin Picking at Scotch Line Farm

Today I went pumpkin picking for the first time at a beautiful little farm in Perth, Ontario. My boyfriend Jordan is from there and his family has owned and operated farmland for many generations. Although I grew up in big crowded cities for most of my life, I have always been attracted to the serenity and scenic beauty that farmlands and their festivals bring. Everything is so organic, fresh, and bursting with nature’s colours and flavours.

At Jordan’s uncle and aunt’s (Jim and Brenda Ferrier’s) “Scotch Line Farm”, I was amazed to see the wide variety of pumpkins for carving, baking and cooking. There were decorative corn, hay stacks, sunflower heads and so much more to choose from. I felt like I could bring back a little bit of the fall country life to my apartment in downtown Ottawa. There were also tractor rides, something I had never tried before! Here are some photos I took today to share with you all:

Pumpkins for carving this halloween!
These are the pie-pumpkins.
You can see the tractor ride in the background.
Sunflower heads to feed the birdies (and squirrels). I got a whole bunch for my dad.
That’s Jordan posing for me while I did the photography
Decorative Corn.

You can visit them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scotchlinefarm/

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