Why You Need An Indoor Herb Garden

By Faria Ahmed

The difference between a bland, boring meal and one full of fresh flavours can be just a handful of fresh herbs. If you’re a millennial living in a small apartment such as myself and trying to save up for your future, buying fresh herbs at the grocery every two weeks may not be an affordable option. That’s where a fresh herb garden comes in! 

Fresh Vs. Dry: Dry herb flakes are definitely more affordable but the flavours and colours will absolutely never be the same. Last week I sniffed at my dry basil so hard just to smell anything that i ended up inhaling some! In terms of colour, flavour and nutritional content, there is no doubt that going fresh is the way to go. 

One Time Investment: It did take me a few tries to learn how to get my herb plants to survive. However, once I mastered that, it was just a one-time investment in seeds or saplings and I have a lifetime’s supply of fresh herbs at the go. The only cost apart from buying the plant is the price of fresh soil because you will need to repot it once or twice a year with fresh earth. Even that is much cheaper than the cost of consistently buying them at the grocery store. 

No Spoilers: As someone who hates to waste and throw away food, it feels terrible every time I have to throw away the remainder of my store-bought fresh herbs simply because I could not use it all up in my cooking that week. Leaves will lose fresh in the fridge, they will yellow and brown and eventually go bad. Imaging having it at your fingertips to cut up a few, chop them up and throw them into your frying pan at will!

Variety: Unlike many of my friends, I don’t limit myself to cook with just a few hers. I do have the usual basic, parsley, thyme, oregano, rosemary. However, I’ve also started growing herbs which help me cook more international cuisine such as the lemon grass plant for my asisn dishes! 

Beauty & Perfume: I was a bit worried during my first winter because I had the plant pots in my balcony all summer and had grown there them from seeds. Once I moved them indoors for the winter, they weakened for a few days but eventually they re-adjusted to their new surroundings. I made sure they were getting enough light from the windows but at the same time they weren’t so close to the windows that they died of the cold. Once they were bright and happy again, I realized how beautiful they made my kitchen space look! Fresh greens leaves that give off a refreshing scent? That’s about all the reason I need to have an indoor herb garden. 

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